• Prof. Giovanni Vecchi has presented the HHB Project at the World Economic History Congress. The congress, focused on the theme of Diversity in Development, has been hosted in Kyoto on August 3-7.

    The presentation has taken place on August 5, during the session Global well-being and economic development: perspectives from the Clio Infra project, coordinated by Prof. Jan Luiten Van Zanden (Utrecht University) and Dr. Jutta Bolt (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen).

  • HHB welcomes Federico Giammusso - General Manager at MEF, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance - as a HHB Fellow.

    Federico is currenty advisor of the Minister Padoan on macroeconomic and international economic issues. He had previously worked at OECD and at the Italian Treasury Department.

  • HHB welcomes Patrizia Tumbarello - Unit Chief of the Small States Unit in the Asia and Pacific Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - as a HHB Fellow.

    At the IMF, Patrizia has led work on the Pacific Island economies and other small states. She has also worked on Australia, Vietnam, Albania, Moldova, Algeria, and Morocco. Prior to working in the Asia and Pacific Department, she spent time in the IMF’s Strategy, Policy and Review and Middle East and Central Asia Departments of the IMF focusing on emerging marks and economies in transition.

    Patrizia’s research interests and publications have focused on studies on enhancing macroeconomic resilience to natural disasters and climate change, on fiscal frameworks, trade, corporate and banks’ vulnerabilities. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Rome Tor Vergata. She did part of her graduate studies at Harvard. She holds an M.A. in Economics from Coripe, Turin. She has a Laura Degree from University of Rome, la Sapienza.

  • HHB welcomes Riccardo Gatto - statistical officer at the European Commission, EUROSTAT- as a HHB Fellow.

    Riccardo received a BSc in Statistics and Economics from the Rome University La Sapienza, an MSc in Economics and Econometrics from the Southampton University and a PhD in Economic Sciences from the University of Rome La Sapienza. He taught at the Rome University and worked at the Italian Statistical Office, at the International Labour Office (the United Nation agency on Labour devoted to promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights).
    His current research interests covers labour economics, time series analysis and applied econometrics

  • HHB welcomes Ramani Gunatilaka and Dilhanie Deepawansa as HHB Researchers.

    Ramani works as an independent consultant in Sri Lanka and the region. She is also member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo and a Director of the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), Sri Lanka. She holds a BSc in economics from University College London, an MSc in development economics from the University of Oxford, and a doctorate in applied econometrics from Monash University. She has published internationally in the areas of income distribution, labour markets and subjective well-being.

    Dilhanie is a statistician at the Sample Survey Division, Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka, and PhD Student at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo.

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