• HHB welcomes Rolf Aaberge - Head of Research at the Research Department of Statistics Norway and professor at the centre of excellence ESOP, University of Oslo - as a HHB Researcher.

    He is a graduate in mathematics and statistics at the University of Oslo. His current research activities are concerned with labour supply and taxation, public finance, income distribution and social welfare, poverty, econometrics and statistical methods, and include management of a four years international research program on evaluation of welfare and tax policies in welfare states.

    He has published in economic journals such as Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Social Choice and Welfare, Theory and Decision, Journal of Economic Surveys, Journal of Economic Inequality, Review of Income and Wealth, Public Choice, and in statistical journals such as Biometrika, Metrika, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics and Biometrics.

  • Prof. Giovanni Vecchi has presented the HHB Project at the SIS Conference "Statistics and Demography: the Legacy of Corrado Gini", hosted in Treviso, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, on September 9-11.

    The Italian Statistical Society was founded in 1939. Today, it consists of about one thousand members from University and public or private organizations, including scholars in statistical methodology, probability, economic and social statistics, demography. The Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international specialized statistical conference. The meeting focuses on both methodological and applied statistical research. The 2015 meeting, organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Corrado Gini’s death (Rome, 13 March 1965), is an occasion to investigate and present themes of research in Statistics, Demography, Biology, Sociology and Official Statistics.

  • HHB welcomes Jean-Pascal Bassino - Economics Professor at the École normale supérieure de Lyon and researcher at the Institut d’Asie Orientale - as a HHB Fellow.

    His research focuses on the long run evolution of standard of living, on welfare and economic institutions in Japan and in other countries in East and Southeast Asia, on industrial policies and business strategies in Asia, as well as on the environmental economics-related issues; he also worked as a consultant for the Plan Bleu (UNEP / MAP) and the World Bank.

    His recent publications: Regional Inequality and Industrial Structure in Japan: 1874-2010. Tokyo, Maruzen, 2015 (with Fukao, K., Makino, T. Paprzycki, R. Settsu, T. Takashima, M, Tokui, J.); Do Japanese MNCs to use Expatriates Contain Risk in Asian Countries Host? (with M. and P. van der Dovis Eng), Asia Pacific Business Review, 2015; Informational efficiency in the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the 1930s (with T. Lagoarde-Segot), Economic History Review (forthcoming).

  • HHB welcomes Mauro Rota - Assistant Professor of Economic Histroy at the Sapienza University of Rome - as a HHB Fellow.

    After the Laurea in Economics at the Sapienza, he received his PhD from the LUISS Guido Carli in 2004. His research activity focuses on economic history of Italy, wars and conflicts, culture and institutional economics. He works on theoretical model of long run economic growth as secondary field.

  • HHB welcomes Peter Lindert - Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of California, Davis and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research - as a HHB Advisor.

    His books and journal articles have dealt with modern inequality trends, the welfare state, human fertility, international debt crisis, international trade competition, land quality, farm policy, soil history and other topics. His book Growing Public: Social Spending and Economic Growth Since the Eighteenth Century (two volumes, 2004) has been covered in the Economist, Newsweek, the New York Times and other media, and has received both the Allan Sharlin Award for Best Book in Social Science History and the Gyorgy Ranki Prize for best book in European Economic History. He has served as the elected President of the Economic History Association.

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