• The HHB project always aims at extending the boundaries of actual microdata knowledge and techniques! We are now working on grouped data from a collection of Ivorian historical sources testing creative methods to write a brand new history of the well-being of households in francophone Africa. One of our studies is the 1956 household budget survey of Abidjan’s workers directed by Bernard Lonchampt. The survey, with its detailed categorisation of expenditures and wealth of cultural information, is described by the author as “the first of its kind to have been carried out in French Africa”.

  • The HHB team will meet today with researchers led by Prof. Sebastiano Bavetta (University of Palermo). The plan is to discuss the use of historical household budgets as a source for investigating values, culture and social norms throughout history. Take a look at the programme

  • It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Professor Tony Atkinson, Fellow of Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Centennial Professor at The London School of Economics and member of the HHB Advisory Board. Few scholars can claim to have had a greater impact on their discipline than Tony Atkinson did. He was a model of dedication and integrity for all of us. At this time of sorrow, our thoughts are with Professor Atkinson's family.

  • Next Tuesday, December 20, the HHB Team will continue the series of seminars accompaning all the stages of the project. The fourth meeting will see an internal discussion on some research works based on household budgets data, soon part of the HHBD currently under construction.


    09.40: START;

    09.45: 20 Years of Household Surveys in French West Africa until the 60s: Inequality Measurements and What the Future Holds - Sédi-Anne Boukaka, MSc;

    10.30: A Noi! Economic Inequality and the Political Economy of Italian Fascism - Giacomo Gabbuti, MSc;

    11.15: COFFEE BREAK;

    11.30: Danish historical Household Budgets - Letizia Pittiglio, BA;

    11.50: Household Budgets in Argentina - Beatrice Fabiani, BA;

    12.15: LUNCH;



    Prof. Brian A’Hearn, University of Oxford (by videoconference)
    Prof. Nicola Amendola, University of Rome Tor Vergata
    Prof. Giovanni Vecchi, University of Rome Tor Vergata


  • You can now download the HHB-WPS from REPEC services. The project is proud to be part of the  2Million+ pieces that contribute to the dissemination of on-going research in economics. Read us on IDEAS, EconPapers etc..

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