HHB Working Paper Series


Household budget studies in the British dominions, 1873-1939

Author(s): Evan Roberts

Year: 2016

No: 2

JEL Classification: C83, N30, N31, N32, N37

Pages: 22


Household budget studies in the autonomous British dominions (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa) were carried out sporadically before World War II. The similar history of household budget studies in the dominions reflects the similarity of the dominions’ statistical infrastructure and the existence of other data sources that reduced the need to collect household budget studies. The budget studies that were conducted were influenced by the statistical school, and were similar in quality to contemporary European and American surveys. Statistical summaries of results are available, but only limited microdata survives in archives or publications.

label icon Keywords: Australia, Canada, household budget studies, New Zealand, South Africa

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