• Prof. Marcella Lorenzini (University of Milan) joins the HHB Researchers

    June 4, 2018

    HHB is glad to welcome Marcella Lorenzini – Professor of World Economic History and researcher at the University of Milan – as a new HHB Researcher.


    Prof. Lorenzini earned a PhD in Business History at the University of Milan, and also one in Economic History from the University of Verona. Her work researches how credit markets develop in absence of formal institutions, with a special interest on the role of notaries. At present she is working on non-institutional credit in the Republic of Venice and in the Habsburg Monarchy (XVII-XVIII cc.).


    In 2016, she published the book Credito e notai. Capitali per l'economia veronese del secondo Seicento (Il Mulino, 2016).

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