• Prof. Leticia Arroyo Abad (Middlebury College) joins HHB Researchers

    Sept. 7, 2015

    HHB welcomes Leticia Arroyo Abad - Assistant Professor of Economics & Int'l Politics and Economics at Middlebury College, United States - as a HHB Researcher.

    Her activity at the College began in the fall of 2009 as an assistant professor in the department of Economics, shortly after finishing her PhD at the University of California, Davis. Under the direction of Peter H. Lindert and Alan M. Taylor, her dissertation looked at the links between globalization, growth, and inequality in Latin America since the 19th century. Leticia's research interests are economic growth and development in the very long run. She is particularly interested in the nature and sources of economic growth and the interactions with economic development looking at specific issues such as inequality and poverty, trade, migration, and institutions. She is also a member of NSF-funded Global Price and Income History Group. She teaches courses in her areas of expertise: macroeconomics, economic development, and economic growth.

    Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she got her B.A. in Economics at the Argentine Catholic University and an M.A. in Latin American Studies at the the University of Kansas. She also worked as a financial analyst for a few years in her home country.

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