• Prof. Jörg Baten (University of Tübingen) joins HHB Fellows

    Sept. 7, 2015

    HHB welcomes Jörg Baten - Professor of Economic History at the University of Tübingen, Germany - as a HHB Fellow.

    Jörg received his Master of Arts in Economic History from the University of Freiburg, Germany, in 1991. Dates back to 1997 his doctoral dissertation in Economics (University of München) on the topic of Nutrition and Economic Development in Bavaria, 1730-1880, while in 2001 he received a second PhD from the University of München with a dissertation on the topic of The Creation, Productivity, and Success of Firms in Germany, 1878-1914.

    Three broad themes have characterized his research during the last years: the econometric history of firms and innovations, the study of welfare development and growth in economies around the world, and the long-run development of education and human capital in global perspective.

    Jörg Baten is also CEPR Fellow, CESifo Fellow, President-Elect of the European Historical Economics Society, Co-editor for Economics and Human Biology and Executive Committee Member of the International Economic History Association (IEHA).

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