• Life @HHB: See you soon, Long!

    Sept. 30, 2014

    Nguyen Hoang Long (bottom left) with the HHB Team based in Rome: Stefano Chianese (top left), Giacomo Gabbuti (top right) and Federica Di Battista (bottom right)

    Yesterday, the HHB Team said goodbye to its first intern, Nguyen Hoang Long. Long, after a one-month internship at the HHB Headquarters at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", is about to complete the master MESCI with a thesis on Japanese wellbeing and income inequality. It was a pleasure to work with him, and we hope he'll be able to continue his research activity in the HHB Network.

    «As a young researcher, doing an internship at HHB project is a great opportunity for me to get involved in a dynamic academic environment, gain experience in researching and expand knowledge in a specific field under the supervision of senior investigators and supports from other colleagues. The wide coverage of HHB in terms of geography allows a researcher to have high flexibility in choosing a country of research interest in which the researcher wishes to explore undiscovered stories and interesting facts about family budget, poverty and inequality throughout a long course of history. In addition, during the internship period, I was also assigned tasks related to other project activities, which helps me understand better how a research project operates».

    See you soon, Long!

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