• HHBD update: new budgets from Italy, 1882

    Jan. 11, 2016

    A new budgets source is now part of the HHB Database: the first 1882 issue of the Italian newspaper "Il Contadino". Il Contadino ("The Farmer"), founded in Treviso by Giuseppe Benzi (1855-1941) in 1880 and published until 1924, was devoted to the study of agricultural issues. It was an organ of the local Agrarian Committee and was published every two weeks until 1892, when it started being published on a weekly basis.
    The newspaper dealt with issues of general economic interest and published several articles on pellagra, a disease which was endemic among the peasants of northern Italy (Friuli and Veneto in particular, but also Lombardy) due to a diet almost exclusively based on polenta.

    The issue that is now part of the HHBD includes, in addition to short articles about the distribution and the subject of the newspaper, an article about accattonaggio ("panhandling") and a long article of summary and comment on the following tables of 83 agricultural household budgets.

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