• HHB Project at the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) 2015 Conference

    Sept. 11, 2015

    Prof. Giovanni Vecchi has presented the HHB Project at the SIS Conference "Statistics and Demography: the Legacy of Corrado Gini", hosted in Treviso, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, on September 9-11.

    The Italian Statistical Society was founded in 1939. Today, it consists of about one thousand members from University and public or private organizations, including scholars in statistical methodology, probability, economic and social statistics, demography. The Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international specialized statistical conference. The meeting focuses on both methodological and applied statistical research. The 2015 meeting, organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Corrado Gini’s death (Rome, 13 March 1965), is an occasion to investigate and present themes of research in Statistics, Demography, Biology, Sociology and Official Statistics.

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