• HHB project at the IISH Expert Workshop on Household-Level Datasets

    Feb. 15, 2016

    Is it possible to apply present-day standards to historical research? What needs to be done with the available material in order to enable long-term analyses up until the present? Discussing these particular topics, Prof. Giovanni Vecchi has presented the HHB Project at the Expert Workshop on Household-Level Datasets, hosted in Amsterdam on February 12 by the International Institute of Social History.

    The IISH is home to the CLIO-Infra project, a collaborative website which aims to bring together historical research on global inequality since 1500, by facilitating a digital infrastructure for individual researchers and research teams that aim to bring together data on global inequality. The presentation has taken place during session 1 on "Ongoing research on global household budgets" and has focused on the added values of the project, especially regarding historical and geographical harmonization.

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