• Dr. Sara Torregrosa-Hetland (University of Barcelona) joins HHB Researchers

    Sept. 13, 2015

    HHB welcomes Sara Torregrosa - PhD Student at the University of Barcelona - as a HHB Researcher.

    Sara Torregrosa obtained her BA in History at the University of Alicante in 2009, then in 2010 a Master in Economic History (University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona and University of Zaragoza).
    Her main interest is in the history of taxation and inequality. She is now attending a PhD at the UB, working on a thesis on the theme of "Tax system and redistribution: the Spanish fiscal transition (1960-1990)".

    Publications: “Did Democracy bring Redistribution? Insights from the Spanish tax system (1960-1990)”, European Review of Economic History (forthcoming); “Sticky income inequality in the Spanish transition, 1973-1990”, Revista de Historia Económica (forthcoming). Working papers: “Bypassing progressive taxation: fraud and base erosion in the Spanish” (2015); “Political transition and fiscal transition in Spain” (2015).

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