• Dr. Andrea Brandolini (Bank of Italy) joins HHB Advisory Board

    Aug. 11, 2014

    HHB welcomes Andrea Brandolini - Head of the Statistical Analysis Directorate of the Bank of Italy - as a HHB Advisor.

    He was the Italian representative in the Luxembourg Income Study, where he sat in the Executive Board (1997-2009) and directed with Timothy M. Smeeding the Luxembourg Wealth Study, a pilot project aimed at constructing a harmonised cross-national database of micro information on household wealth (2004-07). He is a member of the World Bank Commission on Global Poverty (since 2015).

    He has published papers on the analysis of poverty and income and wealth distribution, the measurement of well-being, issues in labour economics, and the history of economic thought. He co-edited, with S.P. JenkinsJ. Micklewright and B. Nolan, The Great Recession and the Distribution of Household Income (OUP, 2013). He is a founder of the Italian demography website

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